Thursday, July 15, 2021

The Office of Professional Education (OPE)—which leads all aspects of the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program—recently welcomed three new staff members: Liz Davis, Maddie Funk and John Mathias.

“Liz and John continue to excel in their new positions on the Office of Professional Education team. We are also thrilled to welcome Maddie to the team and excited to have her working with potential student pharmacists,” commented Associate Dean of Student Affairs Susan Vos.

Liz Davis

Liz Davis
Director of Admissions

Liz Davis spent the past six years in the University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences working in recruitment, admissions, and enrollment. She joined the College of Pharmacy last January as the director of admissions, and now leads recruitment efforts for the Doctor of Pharmacy program. Davis obtained her bachelor’s degree from Simpson College and her master’s degree from Ball State University.  

Maddie Funk

Maddie Funk
Admissions Counselor

Maddie Funk completed her bachelor’s degree at Iowa State University this past May and recently joined the College as a new admissions counselor. Prior to coming to the College of Pharmacy, she gained experience in recruiting and marketing at various types of organizations including higher education, technology/software, and agriculture.

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John Mathias
Administrative Services Coordinator

John Mathias joined the College of Pharmacy this past February. As an administrative services coordinator, he coordinates room reservations, scheduling, events, course registrations, Board of Pharmacy verifications, and student organizations within OPE. Prior to working at the College, he earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Northern Iowa and spent nearly 20 years in various customer service and process management roles at ACT, Inc.