Manufactures Brain Tumor Drug for Clinical Trials
Friday, March 31, 2023

Shuttle Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc., a discovery and development stage specialty pharmaceutical company focused on improving the outcomes of cancer patients treated with radiation therapy (RT), announced it has signed an agreement with the University of Iowa (UI) Pharmaceuticals for formulation development and clinical batch manufacture of drug capsules of Ropidoxuridine. This is expected to be the final step required in the drug manufacturing process for use in Shuttle Pharma’s upcoming Phase II clinical trial evaluating Ropidoxuridine in combination with radiation therapy for the treatment of glioblastoma.

Shuttle Pharma has worked with TCG GreenChem, Inc. to complete the campaign to manufacture 25 kg of the drug product for Ropidoxuridine, and approximately 10,000 capsules to be available, to complete the Phase II trial. 

UI Pharmaceuticals is a university-affiliated CDMO offering pharmaceutical product development, manufacturing (sterile and non-sterile products), and analytical services. As an FDA-registered Drug Product Manufacturing and Testing Facility, they have the capability to produce and test products intended for both clinical studies and commercial sales.