What is the Fall 2020 Course Schedule?

How do I request a room for a student organization?

  • Fill out the required form through Campus Labs/Engage for approval.
  • If you are requesting a College of Pharmacy (COP) room for your event, you will also need to send an Outlook calendar/room request. Please see instructions below.

How do I reserve a room for a COP meeting/event?

  • You can access the CPB (College of Pharmacy Building) calendars through Outlook desktop or Outlook online (available via the Microsoft 365 link on MyUI or at the bottom of the University of Iowa website). 
  • The list of CPB rooms where reservations are accepted can be viewed here.
  • All time/date/room changes should be made through Outlook. 
  • OPE (Office of Professional Education) tables are located in the closet of the 110 Lobby and available for events on a first-come, first-serve basis. Tables and chairs from the 110AB classroom cannot be moved.

Outlook Desktop:

  1. Click on the calendar icon → then "Add Calendar" from the top toolbar → choose "From Room List" → enter the room code RES-CPB-room number (when you enter RES-CPB, the room list will populate) 
  2. To submit a room request, click on "New Meeting" in the top toolbar
  3. Enter your event details, including the room code in the location tab (click on "Location" and enter RES-CPB-room number) 
  4. If this is a recurring meeting, select "make recurring"
  5. Send when complete

Outlook Online:

  1. Click on the calendar icon → then "Import Calendar" from the left-hand side → choose the "From directory" option at the bottom of the left-hand side → enter the room code RES-CPB-room number (when you enter RES-CPB, the room list will populate) → choose the room and "Add"
  2. To submit a room request, click on the time within the calendar or the "New Event" blue button on the top toolbar
  3. Enter your event details, including the location room code (RES-CPB-room number)
  4. If this is a recurring meeting, use the dropdown in the "Repeat" section → select "Custom" for more options
  5. Save when complete

How do I request a space if I'm not a COP student/faculty or staff member?

Contact University Scheduling at registrar-room-res@uiowa.edu to submit a request for a COP room.

What rooms can I reserve if my meeting will have food provided?

  • A list of the CPB rooms where food is allowed can be viewed here. Please see the CPB Food and Drink Policy for details.
  • Frequently used spaces include:
    • 110 Lobby: reserved through Outlook (RES-CPB-110-Lobby)
    • 210 Lobby: included when 210 CPB is booked
    • CPB Conference rooms: reserved through Outlook (available during regular business hours)
    • PODS (Professional Outreach Development Societies): no reservations
    • Rooms in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Building use the abbreviation "PHAR". The rooms S538 PHAR, S543 PHAR, S552 PHAR can be reserved through Outlook (RES-PHAR-room number)

How do I send an email to all COP students:

  • Send emails to COP-STUDENTALL@list.uiowa.edu for approval. A minimum of 24-hour notice is needed. Emails will be approved within one business day.
  • General fundraiser emails will be forwarded by OPE staff to the Faculty/Staff listserv when appropriate.

Where can I print?

  • There are printers available in the PODS for student use. IT should be contacted with any printer issues.
  • If printing for a student organization, University Printing should be used with the student org account. More information is available here or contact SLC for guidance.

How can I advertise my student org fundraiser?

  • Flyers may be hung on the PODS bulletin boards. Posting in any other CPB space is not permitted.
  • If you would like your fundraiser information displayed on the CPB monitors, please contact Holly Lauer at holly-lauer@uiowa.edu.

Am I allowed to set up a table for fundraiser items?

  • The hallway outside of 151, 155, 157 CPB may be used to set up a table for your event. Please include this information on your Campus Labs/Engage form.
  • OPE tables are located in the closet of the 110 Lobby and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Tables and chairs from the 100AB classroom cannot be moved.

How do I distribute fundraising items?

Please arrange for payment/pickup in the PODS areas.


  • Student mail, basic office supplies, lockers, printers, kitchenettes are included in the PODS areas.
  • The PODS Mayors should be contacted with questions or supply needs.
    • Boerner: Shannon Powers
    • Cooper: Sara Neqirevic
    • Keuver: Morgan Kimball
    • Teeters: Kassidy Lawler

Where can I eat lunch?

  • PODS areas (rooms 245, 247, 255, and 253 CPB) are excellent places to eat lunch.
  • You can also eat in the lobby and atrium spaces located on the first and second floors.
  • Classrooms 151, 155, 157 CPB have also been designated as spaces where food can be eaten when not reserved for classes or events.
  • To keep our building beautiful, please clean up after yourself and others and dispose of food containers in the trash and recycling bins in the hallways.

Where can I study?

  • Students can reserve study spaces in the same manner you reserve rooms for meetings and events (see above instructions).
  • Classroom 250 CPB has been designated as a quiet study space that is available to students to use anytime, 24/7 (unless otherwise posted).
  • Any classroom, when not in use can be used as a study space.
  • Lobby and atrium spaces are also available for study.

How do I check out a P-card (Procurement Card) for my student organization?

  • Authorized officers may check out a P-card for student org use. Please contact your student org to inquire about authorized officers.
  • Fill out the P-card form through Campus Labs/Engage.
  • You will be contacted if there is an issue with your submittal.
  • P-card pickup/checkout is available in the OPE office (231 CPB) during regular business hours.
  • Please let staff know if you will be using the P-card for more than 2 hours.
  • All P-cards must be returned by 4:30 p.m. each day and are not allowed for overnight checkout.
  • Contact Sarah Kayser at sarah-kayser-1@uiowa.edu or Brian Kennedy at brian-kennedy@uiowa.edu with questions on P-card policies.

How do I fill out a Student Travel Form?

Lost & Found

  • Lost & Found items should be turned into an OPE staff member in 231 CPB.
  • Items not picked up by the end of each semester will be donated.

Student Support Services 

The University has a variety of support resources available to all students. Please contact an OPE staff member if you have a need and would like help understanding the programs available to you.

  • Student Basic Needs and Support
    • Listings of campus and community resources compiled into one easy-to-find location.
  • Food Pantry (East location: 212 IMU, West location: Pride House)
    • The mission of the Food Pantry is to provide nutritious food and basic necessities for University of Iowa students, faculty and staff in need, and to fight food insecurity through education and advocacy.
    • Learn more about SNAP benefits, donations, volunteering and the Hawkeye Meal Share initiative.
  • Clothing Closet (213 IMU)
    • The mission of the Clothing Closet is to provide students with access to quality, new or used, professional clothing at no cost.
    • Each semester, students can receive 5 items for free.
  • Donation Resources
    • Discover places to donate or resell your old things on or around campus.
  • Counseling Services
    • Support for students, faculty and staff, parents and family.
    • An inter-disciplinary, multicultural staff of psychologists, social workers, graduate interns, practicum students and administrative professionals. Training and interests span a broad range of counseling approaches.
    • Individual, group and program services strive to create an environment where all people feel welcome.
  • Family Services
    • Programs and events to support student parents, faculty and staff.
  • Wellness Programs
    • Appointments, group workshops, events and other programming for current students on nutrition, fitness, stress management, alcohol and drugs, tobacco/e-cigarettes, sexual health and sleep.
  • Student Disability Services (SDS) 
    • Provides academic accommodations to qualified students with disabilities.
    • Aspires the University to be a learning facility where students are unhampered in their academic pursuits by disadvantages associated with their particular disability.
    • Learn more about Campus Resources and programs like Best Buddies, College Diabetes Network at Iowa, Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness and First Generation at Iowa.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
    • A commitment to a welcoming, respectful and inclusive campus environment for all.
    • Get involved in the many programs happening across campus. Learn more here.
    • Confidential resources are available to help people evaluate situations of unwanted behavior or sexual harassment.
  • Multicultural & International Programs
    • Four UI Cultural Centers provide a "Home Away From Home" atmosphere and can be utilized by any University student or reserved for student organization events.
    • Celebration Months and Weeks offer opportunities to engage the campus community in celebratory and educational activities.
  • Student Support Initiatives
    • Student Emergency Fund
    • Trans Student Support Fund
    • Safe Room Program


Updated 3/12/2020