The courses listed below are required before starting the PharmD program, and can be completed with a minimum of two years of college-level study. Many students choose to complete them over three or more years of undergraduate study. Candidates will be allowed to take only one Math/Science prerequisite and one General Education Elective the summer before starting the program in the fall. After admission to the PharmD program students complete four years of professional study in the College of Pharmacy.  All courses must be completed with a minimum C- grade.
Prerequisite Course Requirements

(All courses must be completed with a minimum C- grade)

  • Rhetoric (RHET:1030) - 4 semester hours
  • Principles of Chem I (CHEM:1110) - 4 semester hours
  • Calculus (MATH:1460) - 4 semester hours
  • Statistics (STAT:XX but not STAT:1010) - 3 semester hours
  • Principles of Chem II (CHEM:1120) - 4 semester hours
  • Principles of Biology I (2:10) or Foundations of Biology (BIOL:1411)  - 4 semester hours
  • General Physics (PHYS:1400) If needed** - 3-4 semester hours (lab recommended, not required)
  • Organic Chem I (CHEM:2210) - 3 semester hours
  • Human Anatomy (ACB:3110) - 3 semester hours
  • Principles of Biology II (2:11) or Diversity of Form and Function (BIOL:1412) - 4 semester hours
  • Organic Chem II (CHEM:2220) - 3 semester hours
  • Human Physiology (HHP:3500) - 3 semester hours
  • Biochemistry (BIOC:3110) - 3 semester hours
  • Microbiology (MICR:3164) - 4 semester hours
  • General Education Electives - 16 semester hours of General Education Electives are required for admission, 6 of those 16 semester hours need to be within the social sciences.

Accepted Pre-requisite AP Credit: English Composition, Public Speaking, Microeconomics, Statistics, Calculus, General Education Courses (i.e. Psychology, Macroeconomics, History)

* A high school physics course fulfills the physics requirement