Jenny Seyfer, BSPh, RPh
Office Location: 375-B1 CPB

Phone: (319) 335-8835


Responsible for:

--Oversight of entire professional experience program

--Administration of Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE)
Administration of the affiliation agreements with practice sites
--Scheduling of Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE)/APPE Prior Approval requests

--Management of onboarding requirements for IPPE/APPE students

--Administration of the IPPE Career Exploration course

--Administration of the IPPE Clinical course

--Onboarding for all IPPE/APPE


Assistant Director

Colleen Gross-Advani, BBA
Office Location: 375-C-1 CPB

Phone: (319) 335-8861


Responsible for:

--Overall management of eValue computer management system

--Scheduling of APPE and IPPE through optimization and changes throughout the year

--Administration of the IPPE Community and IPPE Hospital courses

Karri Reising

Director of Preceptor and Site Development

Karriann Reising, PharmD
Phone: 319-467-4907


Responsible for:

--Development of new practice sites and preceptors

--Practice site visits

--Quality assurance of the practice experience program