As a pharmacist, you'll be on the front lines of the health care field,
enhancing patient care, and promoting wellness. 

Is Pharmacy right for me?

Pharmacists use their medication expertise to treat patients, collaborate with other health care professionals, promote population health, and manage pharmacy systems.

Characteristics of a Pharmacist:

  • Attention to Detail
  • Scientific Aptitude
  • Interest in Life-Long Learning
  • Empathy

Skills of a Pharmacist:

  • Communication
  • Team Work
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving 

What do pharmacists do?

  • Advise patients
  • Collaborate with physicians, nurses, physical therapists...all healthcare providers
  • Monitor patients' health
  • Advocate for medication safety
  • Compound medications
  • Dispense medications
  • Give immunizations
  • Ensure accurate medication and dosage
  • Manage, consult on the side effects of medication
  • Conduct health and wellness screenings
  • Advocate for their profession
  • Lead and teach others (pharmacy technicians, future pharmacists)
  • Research and development

Top Ten Reasons to Become a Pharmacist

-American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy

Serve the Community

  1. Help people get well
  2. Work directly with patients
  3. Work in a wide variety of career opportunities
  4. Benefit from the demand for pharmacists
  5. Be an important member of the healthcare team
  6. Job mobility, stability, and flexibility
  7. Be part of major innovations in medication therapy
  8. Work with state-of-the-art technology
  9. Defend against bioterrorism
  10. Be a highly respected member of your community

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