Individual Development Plans (IDPs) serve as a mechanism for graduate students and their mentors to identify career goals and develop specific plans for graduate study and professional development to assist in achieving those goals.  The IDP is an important communication tool that is a significant component of a comprehensive mentoring process in graduate education wherein professional development and career planning are considered in conjunction with progress toward completion of the degree.

Outline of Individual Development Plan

The development and implementation of an Individual Development Plan is an interactive multi-step process between the graduate student and his/her mentor.  Details about this process are summarized in the following document: Instructions for individual development plans for graduate students in Pharmacy.

Individual Development Plan Review Form

The form for the IDP annual review is below: Annual Review Form


Documentation and Deadlines

For those students beginning graduate study in Pharmacy before June 1, 2014: the IDP annual review must be completed by October 1, 2014, and annual due dates will be on October 1 of each following year.

For those students beginning graduate study in Pharmacy after June 1, 2014: the first IDP must be completed by January 31, 2015 and subsequent reviews will be due by January 31 of each following year.

All graduate students and mentors: Upon completion of the IDP annual review, both the student and mentor keep copies, and the mentor sends a copy to Lois Baker in the College of Pharmacy Graduate Program Office.