In order to comply with professional licensure requirements, the College of Pharmacy will report to the State Board of Pharmacy Examiners whether there is any known special circumstances about a University of Iowa College of Pharmacy student when the college certifies academic status for pharmacist-intern registration and pharmacist licensure. This is a required element of the certification form completed when a student applies for a pharmacist license.

“Special circumstances” refer to any unusual circumstances that occurred during any part of the individual’s pharmacy education as indicated on the Certification of Pharmacy Education or the Pharmacist-Intern registration. This may include but is not limited to information such as: interruptions or extensions in the student’s education; academic probation; discipline or investigations for unprofessional conduct, unethical conduct, criminal history, disciplinary history, behavioral reasons, or violations of the Code of Conduct.


The College of Pharmacy will report this information as “yes” and provide details when the Associate Dean of Student Affairs is aware any of the following has occurred:

  1. Academic Probation
  2. Extensions or interruptions in student’s education
  3. Code of Conduct violations
  4. Code of Conduct investigations, unless the investigation found the complaint to be frivolous or unsubstantiated
  5. Official notices to the College by departments or administrative units of the University of Iowa of illegal or unethical conduct
  6. Official notices by law enforcement agencies (i.e., police) about illegal activities
  7. Charges of criminal action and/or investigations for illegal conduct
  8. Alcohol and/or other substance related incidents that do NOT end up with IMP3 contracts

The College will NOT report as derogatory information situations which have led to Iowa Monitoring Program for Pharmacy Professionals (IMP3) contracts (an activity of the Iowa Board of Pharmacy), as long as the student is in full compliance with that contract at the time derogatory information must be reported. Such information would have already been reported to the IMP3 and/or the Iowa Board of Pharmacy.

Approved by College of Pharmacy Executive Committee, February 25, 2021