Milagro Michels-Cordao
Milagro Michels-Cordao, PharmD Class of 2023

Doctor of Pharmacy student Milagro Michels-Cordao knew she always wanted to work in the medical field. Her decision to attend pharmacy school at University of Iowa was an easy one. She fell in love with the University of Iowa campus after attending the UI for her undergraduate studies and loved how integrated healthcare is within the UI professional schools.

“I also love that the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics is such a big part of our curriculum because it allows us so many more opportunities for experience as well as having active healthcare professionals as our faculty.”

When asked what makes the UI College of Pharmacy stand out, Michels-Cordao says it’s the sense of family and new pharmacy building, which opened in January 2020. 

“Our college does everything they can to make us feel like a family. We have a phenomenal new building that allows everyone to get the most out of their pharmacy school experience!”

She also values the importance of engagement and professionalism that weaves throughout all aspects of the curriculum, including attending professional conferences. One of her most memorable experiences thus far was attending an APhA Midyear Regional Meeting during her first semester in pharmacy school.

“It was an incredible opportunity because I was able to connect with so many people from other pharmacy programs, as well as be introduced to a vast number of other pharmacy opportunities that are available!”

Michels-Cordao is currently wrapping up her second year of pharmacy school and is excited for the future.

“I’m currently interested in working in clinical pharmacy. And because of the robust curriculum here I am excited to learn more about psychiatry, infectious disease, and oncology in the next two years and seeing where they will take me!”

Watch Michels-Cordao Speak About the Building's Impact on Students

She spoke as part of the College of Pharmacy Building Dedication in October of 2021.