The Genesis Board hosts SuccessRx, a virtual series for pharmacy students. Through this virtual series, students will have the opportunity to have conversations with Genesis Board members from across many disciplines of pharmacy. The intent with this series is to provide opportunities for students to create connections and begin building a professional network through consistent interactions with Genesis Board members. Genesis Board members will focus on personal and professional development. Topics for each session will be based on student input and will include topics such as networking, how to get involved in the profession, and avoiding burnout.

Hart Entrepreneurial Program

The Hart Entrepreneurial Program is an opportunity for entrepreneurial-minded pharmacy students to receive support for their ideas and innovative projects. Students will be eligible to receive funding, support and guidance from advisors, and resource tools. The goal of this program is to encourage students to think innovatively, be encouraged to take risks, and turn your idea into reality.

Zada Cooper Leadership Symposium

Representing the Genesis Board on the Zada Cooper Leadership Symposium committee will help facilitate coordination of efforts and resources in the important area of leadership, knowledge and skills development to the students. The symposium is an opportunity for the pharmacy community to celebrate and advance their leadership roles in their professions, volunteer organizations, and personal lives.

Professional Engagement Series

This initiative focuses on personal and professional discovery for each class. The Genesis Board discusses various topics with each class of pharmacy students.

First year pharmacy students

  • Potential opportunities in the profession, develop personal and life skills
  • How to identify their “why”
  • The importance of developing and maintaining relationships
  • How to engage with peers, mentors, faculty, administration
  • How to establish and build a network
  • Overcoming the informality of today vs. the past; addressing social isolation

Second year pharmacy students

  • The development of soft skills – the “polish” that will help them be successful
  • How to care for oneself and avoid potential burnout
  • Grit
  • Emotional intelligence and how they interact with others
  • Identifying strengths/weaknesses: how to maximize strengths and overcome weaknesses
  • Teaching self-evaluation
  • Learning vs. Cramming
  • Social Isolation and discrimination

Third year pharmacy students

  • Whole-person development
  • Resilience
  • Developing confidence: how to be confident yet humble
  • How to lead from where you are (Big L, little l)

Fourth year pharmacy students

  • Professional readiness
  • Transition into their careers “real-world pharmacy”
  • Transition from student to professional
  • What’s going on in the profession
  • Preparing students to be successful in the interview process
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Building confidence
  • Exploring strengths and weaknesses
  • Communication skills
  • Opportunity to meet with GB members to conduct mock interviews