Jeanine P Abrons

Jeanine P Abrons

, PharmD, MS, FAPhA
  • Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science / Division of Applied Clinical Sciences


Dr. Abrons attended pharmacy school at the Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa - graduating in 2004. She then pursued and completed a Masters of Science in Social and Administrative Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Her first teaching experience was at Albany College of Pharmacy where she taught and coordinated a pharmacotherapy and medicinal chemistry course focused on cardiology and internal medicine; created and ran an internal medicine rotation; served on numerous committees and became more involved with research/publishing and editing. Dr. Abrons' practice and research focus center on global health and underserved populations. She has developed and coordinated an international experience in rural and natural medicine in Dominica, West Indies and currently trains students on providing preventative health service screenings to underserved patient populations. Dr. Abrons currently is working on developing innovations to assist with screening provision and documentation. She is active with the national American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) global special interest group. She is the Director of Student Pharmacists International Activities for the University of Iowa, College of Pharmacy. With regard to editing, she holds editing positions with the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association, Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning and Pulses. She is the Editor for the University of Iowa Teaching Cases and Active Learning Exercises. She is Author / Editor to the Pharmacists Peripheral Brain.

Research Narrative

Dr. Abrons' research currently focuses on service-learning and community outreach initiatives related to global health concepts in pharmacy and underserved
care. This includes topics like immunizations, emergency preparedness or disaster management planning / management, training, and the creation of innovative resources [health screening apps]. She attempts to create synergy between her clinical services and her research areas.

Examples of her work include:
-The University of Iowa and American Pharmacists Association Active Learning Exercises: A professional practice laboratory activity resource with over 250 practice skill activities categorized in 12 curricular content areas.
-The Pharmacists' Peripheral Brain: A compilation of quick reference cards and resources updated annually to assist pharmacy practitioners (both students and pharmacists) in accessing information quickly to enhance patient care.
-Global Pharmacy Education Related Papers: Dr. Abrons has been a part of several papers helping to expand the awareness of the pharmacist role in global health and pharmacy education related to this area.
-Mobile Clinic and Underserved Care: Dr. Abrons currently is pursuing papers designed to showcase innovative care models with mobile clinics and underserved care.

Clinical Narrative

Dr. Abrons' vision for clinical service is to care for populations that are underserved both in Iowa and globally. She has a variety of unique responsibilities that impact patients, providers, and students. She focuses on the creation of sustainable and scalable partnerships to enhance quality healthcare interventions through the creation of training, engagement of networks, and the building of supportive infrastructure. She is committed to providing culturally appropriate care in Iowa and internationally.

Dr. Abrons' service to patients includes:
-Iowa Mobile Clinics: Dr. Abrons serves as a Co-Director with two physicians to provide oversight to the student-run clinic that provides care to local underserved communities. In recent years, the clinic has grown from five to ten practice sites. Iowa Mobile clinics are involved in the Iowa Vaccine for Children program, a grant and partnership with Upstream Clinics and local community food pantries, and prison worker re-entry, for example.
-Dominica, West Indies Practice Site: Dr. Abrons provides clinical services through a unique practice collaboration with a private pharmacy in Dominica, a local eco-tourism and community philanthropic organization, and other community partnerships. Notable examples include integrative care delivery model usage, health fair structure creation, and the provision of employer-based community health screenings.