Thursday, April 25, 2013

This week, the Iowa House of Representatives passed legislation that includes necessary funds to break ground on a new College of Pharmacy building. This legislation will now move to the Senate for its consideration. This significant show of support from the General Assembly illustrates the commitment of many of our legislative friends to the College of Pharmacy. 

Dean Letendre, faculty, students, and alumni have spent much of this year’s legislative session educating lawmakers about developments in the pharmacy profession, and the practice of pharmacy education. In addition to attending the UI Hawkeye Caucus Day and the Iowa Pharmacy Association’s Legislative Day, the Dean and students have met with several lawmakers individually to garner support for the future building project.

The spirit of advancement and education that thrives throughout the college is hampered by its current physical space, but the college is poised to be transformed. The future of the College of Pharmacy will provide more Iowa-educated pharmacists and greater opportunities for academic success while increasing health care advances.

Over the past generation, the practice of pharmacy has gone through fundamental changes, and the current building, constructed over 40 years ago, is insufficient to serve the needs of faculty and students. It is imperative that we provide future pharmacists and pioneers in drug discovery the facility they need to be successful in treating their patients.

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