Monday, March 24, 2014

If you’re a UI College of Pharmacy alum, Dean Donald Letendre wants to meet you!

In an ongoing effort to meet the college’s more than 5,000 alumni, Dean Letendre has been hitting the road to do just that. Much of the Dean’s work involves meeting and speaking with alumni, friends, peers, and business partners. “It is my goal to shake the hand of every single alumnus of the College of Pharmacy and convey the energy, excitement, and academic excellence of our college community.”

In the past few weeks alone, the Dean has visited alumni and friends in Dubuque, Iowa City, Solon, Cedar Rapids, and Florida. Chances are good that if he hasn’t been to your town recently, he soon will be!

If you are a College of Pharmacy alum who would like to meet the Dean, please contact Kayla Lalor, alumni relations coordinator, to determine when he will be in your area.