Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Each year, up to 30 students from the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy and the Drake University College of Pharmacy are invited to attend the Bill Burke Student Leadership Conference, hosted by the Iowa Pharmacy Association. Held in conjunction with the 2014 Eggleston-Granberg Golf Classic, this year’s conference was held on Sept. 19-20 in Coralville.

The conference prepares students for leadership in pharmacy by instilling quality organizational leadership skills, increasing awareness of issues impacting the profession of pharmacy, encouraging development of leadership skills and involvement in professional and community activities, recognizing pharmacy students who display leadership potential, and improving communication and teamwork skills.

The 2014 representatives from the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy were:

Rachel Gean, P2
Chelsea Goldsmith, P2
Marshall Johnson, P2
Renu Johnson, P2
Robert Nichols, P2
Ashley Sabus, P2
Natalie Blaine, P3
Anna Espeland, P3
Kaleb Fincher, P3
Tyler Heiderscheit, P3
Kathryn Hill, P3
Caitlin Lickteig, P3
Hilary McCants, P3
Shiny Parsai, P3
Laura Steinauer, P3
Eric Stephens, P3
Ashley Kappenman, P4