Thursday, April 23, 2015

The University of Iowa’s Health Sciences Research Week was held April 21 and 22, 2015, with the theme "Applying Chemical Biology to Understand and Treat Human Disease." Participants hailed from the College of Pharmacy, Carver College of Medicine, Institute for Clinical and Translational Science, and VA Health System.

The College of Pharmacy was well represented with a total of 48 posters presented. Megan Kelchen (PTT), Behnoush Khorsand-Sourkohi (PTT), Krystal Titus-Rains (resident), and Diana Karkow (fellow) received Outstanding Poster Presentation awards for the College of Pharmacy Research Week poster competition. 

A listing of poster presenters from the College of Pharmacy follows:

Wisam Al Bakri
Ali Al-Jumali
Rakesh Awasthi
Ioana Craciun
Sondra Dean
Anh-Vu Do
Ana Ferreira
Sachin Gharse
Bharath Kumar Gowdampally
Michael Hayes
Megan Kelchen
Behnoush Khorsand-Sourkohi
Molly Martin
Angie Morris
Victoria Parker
Amanda Rixen
Namita Sawant
Josephine Schamp
Daniel Schenck
Jacob Simmering
Amaraporn Wongrakpanich
Jenna Bender
Brittany Bruch
Jason Cleppe
Kristin Cox
Rachel Finkelstein
Michael Gassmann
Tyler Gums
Alyssa Haight
Tracy Harlan
Brooke Hofmeyer
Tony Huynh
Jessica Jacobo
Manda Johnson
Diana Karkow
Jacqueline Lee
Corey Melroe
Emily O'Brien
Jennifer Preinitz
Rani Raju
Kathryn Rolfes
Kerry Schueler
Jordan Schultz
Krystal Titus-Rains
Renata Vaschevici
Valerie Wersching
Madison Williams

Additional information about the Health Sciences Research Week is available on their website.