Friday, February 5, 2016

In January 2016, Jeanine Abrons, clinical assistant professor in the Division of Applied Clinical Sciences, traveled to Roseau, Dominica. Her visit served many purposes, but mostly centered around a special partnership with Jolly’s Pharmacy, one of the largest private community pharmacies in Dominica.

The partnership formed out of a shared passion for clinical pharmacy and preventative care services when Abrons met Orrin Jolly, owner of Jolly’s Pharmacy, in 2012. Each year, Abrons collaborates with Jolly’s on projects and activities to serve Dominica residents and pharmacists, which includes a student rotation to provide a contrast between government and private pharmacy in Dominica as well as providing a contrast between traditional and western medicine. The partnership continues to grow and thrive.

In 2015, some of the partnership projects and activities included providing continuing education to all pharmacists in Dominica. Abrons and her team of students and pharmacists also assisted with the first employer-based health screening in the country for a large national employer, presented two lectures at Dominica State College as part of the new Pharmacist Training Program. She continued to maintain connections after returning from Dominica when she authored an article on the importance of hydration in health for a monthly newsletter, Jolly's Times.

During Abron’s recent visit in 2016, partnership activities included speaking on a local radio talk show, called Health Vibes, where she discussed the evolution of a pharmacist’s role. She also assisted with health screenings at the National Cooperative Credit Union, which included, cardiovascular and diabetes health screenings.

Her 2016 visit also included non-partnership related activities, such as work to help displaced residents after Tropical Storm Erika and a visit to LaPlaine Health Center, Dominica’s local governmental health clinic.

Abrons is excited for what 2017 will bring for the Jolly’s partnership. She commented, “We continue to work to expand pharmacy practice in our communities and in particular work to expand preventative health screenings and health education. I'm so excited for our upcoming plans for 2017. We will work together on a mobile pharmacy idea, even more health screenings and educating future pharmacists in Dominica.”