Friday, September 29, 2017

Student athletes juggle academics with rigorous training and game schedules. That complexity is made even more daunting when a student athlete enters a professional or graduate program. Two such athletes joined the College of Pharmacy in the fall of 2017: Reghan Coyle (Volleyball) and Andrew Jatis (Track and Field).

College faculty and staff work to ensure that each student is able to achieve her or his maximum potential, and student athletes are no exception. Because of frequent travel and absences from class, communication is key. Coyle says, “I take the time to reach out to professors to let them know that I’ll be missing class and plan what I need to do to get caught up on any material that I may have missed. My classmates are also incredibly helpful with sending me any notes and reminders about upcoming due dates. Although having this rigorous schedule is difficult at times, my classmates, professors, teammates, and coaches are always willing to help. Because of this incredible support, I am rarely ever stressed out and I am very appreciative to anyone that goes out of their way to help me succeed.”

This commitment to balancing academic and athletic demands was a key for Jatis, something he was considering when he first evaluated his college choices. “It was destiny that my mentor (Danny Olstza, ’09 PharmD) was a student athlete and PharmD graduate from Iowa. My recruiting visit included a visit to the Pharmacy Practice Lab, and I was blown away. Having faculty that supported the idea of a student athlete, drove me to attend Iowa.”

Both Coyle and Jatis look forward to careers in pharmacy, where they will continue to be challenged and will provide top-notch health care to their patients.


Reghan Coyle was born and raised in Council Bluffs, Iowa, where she attended Lewis Central High School. She has been playing volleyball for about 10 years. Coyle grew up a Hawkeye fan, and is fulfilling a life-ling dream to attend the University of Iowa, playing volleyball and pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy.

Andy Jatis hails from Homer Glen, Illinois, where he attended Providence Catholic High School. He is a two-time varsity letterman as a pole vaulter on the University of Iowa Track and Field Team, and has been recognized as a 2017 Big Ten Distinguished Scholar.