Thursday, May 10, 2018

Congratulations to the following Doctor of Pharmacy graduates who were recognized during the 2018 Senior Dinner and Awards Banquet:

College of Pharmacy Academic Excellence Awards

  • Jonathan M. Lochner
  • Joanna R. Rusch

College of Pharmacy Achievement Awards

  • Rochelle Y. Yang
  • Casey R. O'Connell
  • Kiley C. Boeding

College of Pharmacy Distinguished Student Awards

  • Morgan J. Miller
  • Jillian E. Koos
  • Quinton B. Behlers

College of Pharmacy Faculty Excellence in Research Award

  • Maxwell D. Anderegg

College of Pharmacy Professional Achievement Awards

  • Chelsea J. Meade
  • Kelly M. Tauer

Alexis Ireland Award

  • Erica L. Pham

Dean’s Achievement Award

  • Christian M. Sandoval

Lilly Achievement Award

  • Mylo E. Wells

Merck Awards

  • Lorin J. Fisher
  • Chloe C. Chabal
  • Marisa A. Trautsch

Mylan Excellence in Pharmacy Award

  • Alecia R. Rottinghaus

United States Public Health Pharmacy Practice Award

  • Jillian J. Ginger

Wolters Kluwer Award of Excellence in Clinical  Communication

  • Sarah T. Tortora

Excellence in Community Engagement Awards

  • Samantha C. Alukas​​​​​
  • Lindsy D. Benedict
  • Kiley C. Boeding
  • Alyssa A. Breitbach
  • Alexandra M. Carlson
  • Jenise L. Carmody
  • Thao T. Hoang
  • Cassandra A. Jenn
  • Nicholas D. Kayser
  • Vilailack Kheuakham
  • Margaret E. Langlois
  • Ashley M. Lorenz
  • Anh Q. Luong
  • Chelsea J. Meade
  • Anh A. Ngo
  • Rachel A. Parry
  • Lynn M. Rich
  • Alecia R. Rottinghaus
  • Ethan J. Sabers
  • Jaclyn R. Snyders
  • Amanda R. Stefl
  • James O. Tabiri
  • Marissa A. Trautsch