UI College of Pharmacy faculty-practitioners work with patients and populations, directly and indirectly improving patient care across the state of Iowa and beyond. As they do so, they also train the next generation of pharmacists. As practicing pharmacists, they ensure safe and effective use of medications.

These advanced pharmacy practitioners—who are employed by or affiliated with the collegeimpact patient care in many ways, including:

  • Directly caring for patients 
  • Working across a wide spectrum of healthcare settings
  • Researching medications, devices, and systems that improve health
  • Teaching future doctors
  • Collaborating with interdisciplinary patient care teams

Pharmacy Practice @ Iowa 

Patient Care

John Swegle
John Swegle is a clinical professor as well as a pharmacist with the MercyOne Family Medicine Residency in Mason City, Iowa.

"I work as a member of a healthcare team providing recommendations for medication management to providers, patients, and families. This occurs in various areas of healthcare including acute care, ambulatory, long-term care, and palliative/hospice settings." 


Erika Ernst
Erika Ernst slows down drug-resistant bacteria—or "superbugs"—through the optimal use of antibiotics.

“By using fewer antibiotics, you can lessen the amount of [drug-resistant MRSA]. We’ve worked out a system to quickly determine who needs what, and then put patients on the most narrow antibiotic as quickly as possible.”

Advancing the Profession

Photo of community pharmacists involved in the CPESN project
Flipping the Pharmacy

Four faculty members and a graduate student are spending 5-10 percent of their work hours on a national project that takes community pharmacy innovations and scales them. Their roles include researching how well pharmacists are doing, coaching pharmacies through practice changes, and education.

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