Be on track to complete all PharmD pre-reqs


Be on track to complete at least 16 semester hours of general education electives


In the fall semester before the year in which you are seeking admission, apply via PharmCAS


**If you choose to take the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT), scores must be submitted prior to the January application deadline.  Send scores to PharmCAS using the Code #104


Submit two letters of reference.  Process them through the PharmCAS application service


Be aware that personal interviews are required.  Candidates will be contacted by the college if selected for an interview late in the calendar year.



**The PCAT is optional.  If your math and science GPA are below a 3.0, the PCAT is highly recommended as a way to strengthen the application.  Decisions for admission for any students with a science and math GPA below a 3.0 and no PCAT score will not be made until at least 3 semesters of grades have been posted.  Scores from any January PCAT will be accepted for that year's fall admission.  PCAT scores are valid for 2 years.