The Hart Entrepreneurial Program is an opportunity for entrepreneurial-minded pharmacy students to receive support for their ideas and innovative projects. Students will be eligible to receive funding, support and guidance from advisors, and resource tools. The goal of this program is to encourage students to think innovatively, be encouraged to take risks, and turn your idea into reality.

Program Criteria

Students or teams must:

  1. Have the desire and motivation to succeed.
  2. At least one team member must be enrolled at the UI College of Pharmacy.
  3. Apply to the online application.
  4. Communicate with assigned mentor(s) on a regular basis.


To be considered for this program, members of the Hart Entrepreneurial Committee (Genesis Board members and program benefactor, Miekeleen Hart) will be looking for the following in your application and video submission:

  • Was an explanation of the business idea provided?
  • Was the justification of market potential included?
  • Does the provided information entice the audience to want to know more about the business?


The number of awards and number of awards will be determined on a bi-annual basis.

Funding is only awarded once, but the recipient may still use program resources. Recipients shall assist committee with the program’s promotional plan.

Students will receive funding through their MAUI account.

Application Process

  1. Students will be able to submit applications year-round.
  2. Once applications are submitted, mentors will be assigned.
  3. The Hart Committee will meet on a quarterly basis (September, November, February, April) to review applications.
  4. Students will be required to pitch their product at least once during the November and/or April Hart Entrepreneurial Program meeting.
  5. Committee members will determine if applicant receives funding, or if further work on the business plan needs to be completed.
  6. A member of the committee will communicate with the applicant of such decisions.
  7. Recipients of funding will be asked to present at Genesis Board meeting and/or Executive Leadership Board meeting.
    1. What is idea?
    2. Why?
    3. Tell about process.
    4. Success?