All students in the PharmD program must meet the requirements outlined below. Requirements are subject to change as the curriculum and technology used in its delivery evolves.

Required Devices


Students must have a Tl-30X scientific calculator for in-class and homework purposes. Students are not permitted to use their own calculator during examinations1. When necessary, the same model is provided for examinations.


Students must have a device that meets the below specifications and install the required software for electronic examinations and various educational activities. Students may elect to have other additional devices for their personal use.2

Device Minimum Requirements
Required computing devices must meet or exceed the following criteria:

Operating System

64 bit Windows 10 (not Sor RT) or 10.14 Mojave

Processor (CPU)

2.0 GHZ Intel i5

Memory (RAM)


Storage (HD/SSD)

256 GB (must have at least 20% free space)

Wireless Card

Supports 802.11 n/ac protocols and WPA2 Enterprise


6-hour battery life

Resolution (Display)

1024 x 768 pixels

Web Camera An integrated web camera is best, but an external device may be used.

Required Software Installation
Students must install the following software on their required computing device:


Examplify is licensed by the College of Pharmacy to deliver most examinations.

Respondus Lockdown Browser

Respondus is licensed by the University of Iowa to deliver some ICON quizzes.

FastTest Weblock

Weblock is licensed by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy to deliver the Pharmacy Curriculum Outcomes Assessment® (PCOA) in the P3 spring semester.

Zoom Zoom is licensed by the University of Iowa to deliver online course content and for virtual meetings.


Other cloud-based or iOS/Android software may also be utilized within courses such as Poll Everywhere, Kahoot, and Prezi. Students are expected to comply with requests to install software used for educational purposes.