Thursday, November 13, 2014

The College of Pharmacy will be implementing a Pre-Pharmacy Mentorship program to connect prospective pharmacy students with current students within the College. The program aims to synthesize relationships between these individuals to welcome, prepare, and inform prospective students as they begin their pharmaceutical education. The kinship will be mutually beneficial, as formed relationships will strengthen the College's programs and in turn enhance each individual's educational experience.

A kick-off for the mentorship program was held on Tuesday, November 11 in affiliation with the undergraduate Health Science major Living Learning Community. The event began with an informational welcome, with brief addresses given by Dean Donald Letendre and one of the program’s student coordinators, Jacqueline Scheid. Pre-pharmacy students were then encouraged to enjoy a catered dinner and proceed into small group discussions where they were given the opportunity to get to know current student pharmacists and participate in Q & A.

The Pre-Pharmacy Mentorship program will offer guidance to future students from the beginning of their pharmaceutical education and will allow them to in turn reciprocate as mentors themselves. The program is a unique resource that aims to prime students for success upon their enrollment in the College as well as in their succeeding careers professionally.