Monday, May 19, 2014

On May 1, a dinner and ceremony was held to recognize all College of Pharmacy peer mentors and mentees. The peer mentorship program, part of the college’s Professional Outreach Development Societies (PODS), is an opportunity for older pharmacy students to work with first-year students for support and guidance as they begin their pharmacy education.

When first-year students enter the College of Pharmacy, they are matched with a second- or third-year student who has volunteered to be a mentor. The mentors and mentees interact throughout the year, both on their own and at PODS-sponsored events such as socials and philanthropy projects. The program is a valuable opportunity for mentees to develop their academic and professional skills while learning from someone who was recently in their same position, and it provides mentors the opportunity to practice their leadership skills and use their experience to help out their fellow students.

Mentors who completed 10 or more mentoring hours were recognized with a certificate at the ceremony on May 1. The event was a chance to gather and celebrate a rewarding year of peer mentorship.